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Waterless Valeting

All of our Valeting services (not detailing valets) are available using this system.

Our waterless system is ‘Organic’ and therefore can be used under damp and light rain conditions unlike similar products that use petro chemical derivatives to do the cleaning, they are also not bio degradable. The waterless product itself is made up of 17 ingredients including Brazilian Carnauba Wax for protection and Gloss plus Kaolin Clay for cleaning and exfoliation.

You may think that cleaning your car without water will scratch the paintwork, but it has been proven to be safer than using a conventional bucket and sponge.Our system is not just organic, environmentally friendly, fully bio-degradable we take the dirt away with us and re-cycle the clothes used.

There is no surface waste water going into the water table and precious water not used one of our litre bottles is equivalent to 2000 Ltrs. of water. We can clean cars in small spaces, in car park spaces, car showrooms, environmentally sensitive areas where conventional car washing is prohibited.

The product itself Cleans, renovates, polishes and protects all in one application.Continued use of this product unlike conventional polishes does not cause wax build, no harmful silicones that over time and multiple application cause scratches and wear marks.There is no VOC content to cause harm to the environment, in all a truly environmentally friendly product.

In 2008 this product was approved by ‘SEPA’ the Scottish Environment Protection Agency

‘If you love the environment and like all things Green and Organic this valeting option is for you’

Call us for more information/quote or demonstration of this truly marvellous product……

This product is available for DIY use £19.99 plus carriage.

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