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Mobile Valeting Services

Coming For those on a smaller budget Val Tech Solutions offer a range of valets allowing you to experience a professional valeter without breaking the bank.The quality and same or similar high quality products as our detaining services are used to give that just valeted look.

Whether it be simply a maintenance wash and vacuum or a more extensive full valet.You may be looking at selling your vehicle and want to realise the best price possible or even just purchased a previously owned vehicle and want to make good.Whichever service/valet you pick you can be assured of the best high gloss...

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finish, tailored to your own requirements.

Valet Menu:

Smart Valet – Exterior Wash, Wax and Dry, Windows cleaned

Business Valet - Exterior Wash, Wax, Dry and vacuum (No Boot), Windows cleaned

Mini Valet -Exterior wash, Wax, Dry and vacuum includes Boot area, Tyres Dressed Windows cleaned

Intermediate Valet – As Mini valet but includes the following; Interior and exterior plastics cleaned and dressed, Glass cleaned and polished, Tar Removal, Air Freshener

Platinum Valet – As above but includes Full alloy wheel clean and polish, Body Polish (Optional choices-prices vary), Air con Sanitiser

Showroom Valet – As above but includes Seats and carpets shampooed (Stain Removal POA), Roof Lining cleaned, Boot area cleaned and shampooed, where applicable Leather cleaned and dressed

Interior Valet – Full vacuum of Interior, Plastics and trim cleaned and dressed, Roof lining cleaned, Seats and carpets shampooed and stains removed, Leather cleaned and treated (where applicable) Interior Glass cleaned and polished

Engine Bay – Engine bay and engine cleaned and dressed (customer risk waiver)

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Cabrio Roof – Cabrio Roof cleaning Options;

1. Clean Only with exterior wash<./span>

2. Clean and Cabrio Protection Treatment

3. Cabrio roof re proofing

4. Re Colouring Service

Air Con Sanitiser – Kills bugs and Bacteria in air con system (good for people with Asthma and young children) can also help with removal of the smell of Tobacco and other unpleasant odours.

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