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Paint Rectification

Here at Val-Tech Solutions we offer a bespoke paint rectification service, using specially developed products to create the ultimate finish.The high quality paint re-finishing systems are applied by trained technicians, who have attended extensive training at the DuPont Academy and Farecla’s head office.

Reason to have this service:

  • Keep your car pristine
  • Increase re-sale value (usually significantly more than cost of work)
  • Bring back finish to showroom condition
  • Image (especially commercial vehicles)
  • Convenient mobile service carried out at your convenience (work or home)
  • Significantly less than Bodyshop rectification for minor scratches and blemishes.

Things we can rectify:

  • Car wash scratches
  • Vandalism scratches
  • Holograms and swirl marks
  • Bird droppings
  • Pollution
  • Ultra Violet fading
  • Acid rain and salt damage

A visual inspection / quote can be carried out at your convenience (in some cases this may be chargeable, but refunded when work carried out), as preparatory valet may be required.

‘Experience is priceless’

‘Attention to Detail’

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