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Paint Protection For Cars

The UK’s damp climate is every car’s worst enemy and not an ideal environment for any vehicle.The paintwork can lose its colour certainly its lustre, from such factors as UV rays; acid rain; slush; dirt; mud; pollution and industrial fallout.Once you have taken delivery of your vehicle its only protection from these elements and rust is the paint from the manufacturer.Although they guarantee the vehicle against rust and paint separation it is your responsibility to maintain that paintwork.

So a professionally applied paint protection system will form a tough transparent barrier on your paintwork.That’s why we are offering the perfect solution to maintaining your vehicles paintwork in showroom condition.In addition we offer similar protection treatments for your Fabric, leather, Cabrio Roof and alloy wheels.

‘Protection inside and out from the environment’

We offer 3 different systems of protection, varying in protection and price;

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Interior protection

Your vehicles carpets and fabric take a general pounding, stones and dirt get inground into your carpets and mats causing the colour to fade prematurely.Fabric protectors form an invisible barrier and shields against dirt penetration and fading.Fabric of the seats quickly get dirty and are susceptible to staining even from water (rain ingress), apply this invisible barrier will help protect against most staining by stopping it soaking into the material so is easier to clean off.Thus preventing long term staining and discolouration.

Leather Care

The leather in your vehicle can suffer from discoloration through wear; heat; spells and UV light especially in convertibles.To keep your leather in prime condition you should have it cleaned and treated on a regular basis to maintain it lustrous and supple, helping to prevent drying and cracking of the leather. (Please call for options}

2015 will be bringing a new leather service, we will be offering Leather repairs and re-colouring, see our Leather Repairs page and News updates for more information.

Cabriolet Protection and Re-Proofing

A Cabrio roof can soon dry out become discoloured from the environmental harshness, often leaving green staining around the edges and marks from when stored in the down position.This can make the car not only look older than it is but if selling distract from its residue value.Regular maintenance of your roof will help prevent all of this.


Cabrio maintenance wash to maintain that new look – Monthly shampoo with a unique double action cleaner and protector.The cleaner penetrates the material lifting the dirt to the surface, whilst the high tech protector gives flexibility and coats the hood.This advanced formulation will keep your soft top in showroom condition.

Cabrio Roof Protection – Roof protector for the summer and the winter, recommended to be topped up every 3 months to condition roof and keep in good condition.

Cabrio Roof Re-Waterproofing – This product re-treats the canvas and keeps water proof to stop ingress of water and to help against UV and our damp climate.Recommend to re-apply every 12 months but can be applied more often especially after the winter is recommended.

‘Protect your vehicle and your Investment’

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