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Detailing Services Peterborough

What is detailing?

Detailing is considered the ultimate in vehicle cleaning experiences, for the discerning motorist and enthusiast.A more extensive clean than a valet, it will involve several steps to achieve the Ultimate finish and the finest products available.The main object is for beautification and protection, in some cases this will touch on minor paint rectification; swirl removal; removal of holograms and minor scratch removal including the removal of bird lime marks.This service will include thoroughly cleaning areas not normally cleaned including the engine bay, boot areas like spare wheel and tools compartment.In over view a better than new car returned to the owner.

‘This service will be undertaken by a IMI trained Valet Technician with a passion, dedication and attention to detail’

In this process Val Tech Solutions use only bespoke valeting products and OEM finishing products used by the finest Marques in the world.Detailing craftsmanship and the highest standards in vehicle paint rectification, giving the definitive finish for your vehicle.

All operatives are trained at a Centre of Excellence in the West Midlands and complete their training at the DuPont Academy in Hertfordshire.

Detailing Services Menu

Signature Showroom Valet – This is a full valet including interior vacuum and full fabric shampoo and stain removal and trim clean and dress plus full exterior wash, exfoliation, body polish. All glass, tyres, wheel arches cleaned and dressed, exterior plastic and trim cleaned and dressed.

(Body polish options available and vary on price, please ask at time of booking)

Signature Wax Experience
– This valet is just for the exterior of your vehicle and includes a detailed exterior decontamination of all bodywork.A thorough wash with a neutral shampoo, followed by bodywork exfoliation.We then apply a long lasting foundation high gloss polish, followed by 3 coatings of a High definition hard wax of your choice (prices vary).All exterior trim, plastics and glass, tyres and wheel arches cleaned and dressed.

Signature Engine Bay Clean
– Vacuum of engine bay, thorough clean of engine and engine bay with suitable detergents.When dry a further vacuum and checks followed by dressing of all plastics etc. in engine compartment.

Rectification Detail – This service is bespoke to each vehicle dependant on requirements, full list of services can be found on our Paint Rectification page.When the work has been completed a suitable polish/wax will need to be applied from the list below;

  • Long Life Polish – A long lasting high Carnauba content Polish will give up to 6 months protection, depending on wash cycle and what washed with.
  • Carbon Gloss – A water-based polish ideal for dark colours and under 6 months old vehicle, ultra-high gloss finish.This polish will last approx 20-30 washes again dependant on washing process.
  • Wax Top – A truly remarkable polish giving a high gloss finish and good for 20 washes, tested by Firth Gear and on You Tube.This product out performed all of the top polishes and waxes tested at the time.Hand or machine application options available (Price variants)
  • Signature Wax – A durable 40% Carnauba wax content for that wet look and longevity, dependant on layers applied 6-16 weeks protection and of course washing process.
  • R222 – A very high gloss finish ideal if showing vehicle, best applied in 3 coatings but can have just the one.This product is 100% Carnauba wax content, leaving a stunning finish this again can give 4-10 weeks protection.

We have a few other polishes if you don’t see something you like please ask, also Paint Protection systems as well.If you have a particular favourite we can obtain for you or apply your own polish for you.

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